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At Brandscapes Worldwide, we specialize in deciphering markets with cutting-edge tools and help translate information into action. Trust us to demystify your marketing scenario and highlight real challenges and hidden opportunities for your brand with in-depth, focused customized consumer research solutions.
The Brandscapes advantage
Unlike the templatized research mechanisms used by most research houses, our solutions are crafted solely based on your brand's needs. Our senior consultants will first understand your brand and then design a special research protocol. All in all, a mechanism that's unique and hence, much more effective.
Our approach
  • Provide every brand a unique research solution, through customized designs, or by offering them the opportunity to use one of our specialized products.
  • Understand the exact nature of the business and the requirement and thereby come up with a business oriented research strategy.
  • Translate research data into Winning Insights with strategic advice for future action.
Services we offer
  • Multiple ways to capture consumer feedback:
    • Quantitatively using computers, tablets, pen and paper, mobiles
    • Qualitatively through focus groups, depth interviews, creativity groups, workshops, Delphi, online chats
  • Access to online panels representing different consumer segments in multiple markets
  • Web content mining & analysis with multilingual capabilities
  • Ability to host research across multiple countries
  • Ethnography studies across consumer segments and geographies through physical and electronic diary method, consumer seeding, customer journals, etc.
  • Observation studies including mystery shopping, shop observations, shop accompaniments
Our Specialized Products
  • Corporate Persona to track brand and corporate equity on the Image Quadrangle of Reliability, Innovation, People-friendliness and Professionalism
  • TPA - Touch Point Assessor to enhance channel planning efficiency by measuring relative strengths of traditional and non-traditional channel touch-points and their ROI implications
  • MAATS - Mobile Aided Advertising Testing Service to evaluate the performance of TVCs using mobile technology, with benchmarks to measure performance of the test TVC
  • OIC - Orientation to Indian Consumer protocol to help new entrants into India find their feet and develop a 360 degree understanding of their market
  • Net Worth to listen to myriad conversations on the internet pertaining to your brand and key competitors, and understand who is chatting and their perceptions
  • Celeb Track to measure appeal, relevance and credibility of celebrities for specific brands or segments to facilitate effective celebrity management decisions
  • M-Ethno a mobile phone based ethnography tool to tap into consumers' lives to discover fresh insights and competitive positioning opportunities
  • Global Panel to mount research projects globally via internet and mobile phone applications, utilizing proprietary and partner panels


A UK based company with a vast portfolio of natural healthcare products
A leading global financial security company.
A mid-priced casual dining restaurant in Mumbai.
An MNC financial services provider in the health insurance space.
MAATS is an advertising testing tool from GMR, administered through Mobile tablets or the Web. Its use of modern technology ensures high quality of data capture, and superb time-efficiency, through electronic data capture and instant uploading onto the server. MAATS can also record verbatim open-ended responses, thus providing rich qualitative data and insights.
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