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Do you usually depend on expensive gathering of fresh data each time a new marketing challenge shows up? Or, are you extracting maximum value from your prior investment in market research, retail, sales and web databases? Insight Mining at Brandscapes Worldwide dives deep into your existing reports and databases to fish out the Winning Insights™ that lead to profitable growth. You maximize the return on your past investment in marketing data bases and reduce the need for fresh market research and data gathering.
The Brandscapes advantage
Our insight mining consultants and analysts have years of expertise in using and interpreting marketing data, as practitioners as well as end users. We have developed analytical models that excel in holistic analysis of different marketing data sources to synthesize key insights to sharpen your marketing strategies.
Our approach
  • Data Warehousing: All your market research, retail & sales data is first pooled together in a central warehouse. Then, front end data query tools are applied to keep the data ready for analysis. This step enhances the speed of analysis.
  • Analysis Plan: Based on marketing opportunities and challenges, we craft the most appropriate analysis plan that can lead to meaningful insights.
  • Holistic Analysis: Data extracted is then analyzed at different levels to yield insights that address your marketing opportunity or challenge.
  • Strategy Recommendation: We then weave the "story" that turns these winning insights into action steps.
Services we offer
  • Category Opportunity Mapping: Analysis of multiple primary and secondary data sources to help categorize countries or markets into different strategic buckets for long term planning.
  • SWOT Analysis: Review of your company's and brand's SWOT vis-à-vis competition
  • Data Benchmarking: Comparison of country/ segment level data with best-in-class performing countries/ segments to identify actionable areas where change could yield results.
  • Driver Analysis: Identify variables that are responsible to deliver growth in different market scenarios
  • Competition Assessment: Understand which variables are leading to the success of a competitor and to identify the competitor's Achilles Heel.
  • Problem spotting: Holistic analysis for underperforming brands that zooms into the specific areas of vulnerability such as pack sizes, consumer groups, communication platforms, pricing or distribution and so on.
  • Shopper Insights: Identify strategic and tactical areas to influence brand choice decisions at the point of purchase.
Data sources analyzed
  • Usage & Attitudes research
  • Retail Audits
  • Retail Point of Sales (POS) data bases
  • Media measurement data bases (Readership Surveys, TRP reports, etc.)
  • Brand Tracks
  • Advertising Tracks
  • Customer Satisfaction Tracks
  • Qualitative brand and category reports
  • Web analytic reports
  • Loyalty program data bases
  • Customer transaction data bases
Tools we use
  • Business Planning Tool (BPT)
  • Touch Point Tracker (TPT)
  • PITA Analysis
  • SPSS
  • SAS
  • R
  • Quanvert
  • MS Excel
  • Xcelsius



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