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Make your marketing strategy invincible with the power of scientific predictive modeling. With our Marketing Science applications you can discover patterns that are hidden below the surface, predict future scenarios and hence, maximize your returns on marketing.
The Brandscapes advantage
Marketing Science at Brandscapes Worldwide helps uncover the hidden Winning Insights™ that amplify profits and growth by applying best-in-class analytic methodologies and aiding marketing decisions at every critical step.
Services we offer
  • Marketing Decision Support:
    • Structured Equation Modeling/ Driver analysis
    • Customer Segmentation Modeling
    • Marketing Mix Modeling
    • Price Elasticity Modeling
    • Trade Promotion Modeling
    • Conjoint Modeling
    • Value Equation Modeling
  • Strategic Retail Management:
    • Promotion & Markdown Analytics
    • Basket Analysis
    • Shelf-space Allocation
    • Assortment Analytics
    • Sales Forecasting
  • CRM Analytics
    • Attrition / Churn Analytics
    • Loyalty Program Analytics
    • Risk Analytics
    • Campaign Analytics
  • Web Analytics
    • Web Buzz Measurement
    • Campaign Effectiveness Measurement
Tools we use
  • Multiple and Logistic Regression
  • Structured Equation Modeling
  • Path Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Discriminant Function Analysis
  • Correspondence Analysis
  • Multi-dimensional scaling



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